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Jimmy Eat World and Gersh are working together at all, given some past history. Gersh was president of Capitol Records when the punk-pop quartet--fresh out of high school and with a growing buzz for its energetic, earnest tunes--came to the label in 1995 via scout Loren Israel and A&R executive Craig Aaronson.

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A lot musicians think that an A&R person, or a producer, or a manager is going to show up in their lives one day and take their raw talent and shape and mold it to get them ready. Is that an accurate picture anymore?

No. That's why as I said, places like TAXI and other resources are beneficial.


...Tom Foolry as they played alongside Fearless Records recording artists Plain White T's. While recording a new album being produced by Loren Israel of Capitol Records, Plain White T's (originally from Chicago) dropped by to shake things up with current CIG artists in front of a sold-out crowd at the Crazy Horse music venue in Irvine, California.

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Around this time -- through a strange and labyrinthine set of circumstances -- the group caught the attention of Loren Israel, a talent scout for Capitol Records. Soon after he tipped his bosses to the band, Capitol execs flew to Arizona, saw the band perform and offered Jimmy Eat World a deal a week later.

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We're thrilled to launch the first consumer offering of its kind" said Loren Israel, Co-Founder, Band Aide Online. "Band Aide Online provides music fans and independent artists and labels alike a reliable and legal way to both stream and download independent music, and buy and sell real music ringtones from their favorite artists."

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I think everyone was a little surprised to see Fearless go after these guys, but with a new monniker and the tutorship of A&R giant Loren Israel, Rock Kills Kid have turned into one of the surprising "new" bands of the year.

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